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As marketer you want to send out legitimated emails to your customer, be it a newsletter, announcement, product or service promotion email. However emails keep getting blocked by recipients' mail server or routed to their junked mailbox. It sucks not getting emails through even you have already gotten the right or consent from customers or subscribers to send them email. That's the reality as Spam emails are everywhere, all the email servers nowadays are implementing spam filtering to prevent junk mail from reaching their user's mailbox.

This simple email spam test tool helps you to determine if your email may be flagged as spam, or filtered away by spam filters.

The rules are based on the popular Spam Assasin Project, which is the leading open-source spam filter widely used by many email servers around the world.

We have 2 options for you to run the spam check:

  1. Online web interface - input your email subject and message to the web interfance and check immediately.

  2. Rest API call - connect to our API service via our HTTP endpoint URL and HTTP method POST with JSON format in the request body.

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Disclaimer: Even though our testing tool indicated your email's content is not flaged as Spam. It does not guarantee successful delivery of your email when you try to send out via your email server.

Our checking basically only covers the suject and content of your email. It does not check your network or email server setup and configuration. A misconfigured network or mail server may cause your email to mark as spam as well. A bad IP reputation of your delivery email server will also causing the mail being blocked by recipient mail server.

However if you received a high spam score from our tool which is based on SpamAssassin, most likely you will get high spam score from your recipient's mail server when you do the actual delivery.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us.


I am getting a low spam score why my email was still being blocked?

There are many reasons that may cause your email is belnig blocked:

  1. high spam score due to spam like email content or subject

  2. improper configuration of your mail server

  3. your email server has bad IP reputation

  4. your email server IP has been blacklisted

Do you check for the email authentication like SPF, SenderId or DKIM etc?

No, our tool only check the email subject and content using SpamAssassin. We do not verify your mail server or DNS configuration for email authentication.

How can i reduce the spam score?

Check your email subject and content against the spam like keyword. Avoid using the spam like keyworlds.


After running the test refer to some of our tips to improve your mail deliverability.

  1. Check your email content to reduce spam score by avoiding Spam like keywords

  2. Advice from SpamAssassin

  3. Setting up SPF, DKIM, DomainKey, SenderID

  4. Monitor your mail server or MTA IP reputation

Email Spam Filter Test

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